World-class Swedish technology since 1969

We don’t operate worldwide – yet. But our public toilets are still world-class. And our offices are located in the United Arab Emirates, Norway, Great Britain, and Sweden.

Quality down to the smallest detail

We are not the cheapest, and it shows in the results we deliver. When you choose Danfo, you choose quality. Quality in products, service, and relationships. There are competitors who can build cheaper public toilets, and companies that offer cheaper operations and maintenance services. But we have worked hard to develop an offering that holds up in the long run, with our knowledge and commitment informing every step of the way, from production to maintenance.

Construction of public toilets

Public toilets from Danfo is equal parts design and service

We provide public toilets that enable you to include amenities like a bicycle pump or a drinking fountain – for accessible, welcoming user experiences. We don’t just build our toilets, though, we operate and maintain them, too. That’s what makes a Danfo facility a Danfo. The combination of smart, aesthetic design solutions with simple, efficient operations and maintenance. 

This is how our toilets maintain a high standard of quality for decades. And we are constantly developing our materials to reduce environmental impact, both during manufacture and maintenance.

Part of the Danfo corporate group

Our toilet for hire. A mobile rental toilet providing a temporary solution at a construction site, a beach during the summer months, a private event, or a corporate activity. 

A smart toilet that hygienically separates out drugs directly in the toilet, and is suitable for prisons, airports, etc.

A simple but revolutionary technology. Our dry toilet can be used in areas without any access to electricity or water.

The right path

When it comes to public toilets, we have found the right path, developing safe, clean, durable toilets with a focus on both people and the environment. But there’s always more to do.
Join our cause – developing world class public restroom fit for the future. 

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