This is Danfo

Our offer is simple – clean, safe, sustainable public toilets. With our heart in all of it, from design and manufacture to operations and maintenance.

Excellent service, high-quality public toilets, and exceptional maintenance work

Building, serving, and maintaining our public toilets are just the tip of the iceberg. Our USP goes beyond our products, even our services. What we offer are long term relationships. What we deliver is expertise, knowledge and support all the way from the sketch board throughout a project and beyond. 

Design of public toilets

Swedish quality worldwide

Danfo was founded in 1969 in Nora, Sweden. Today we have offices in Sweden, Norway, Great Britain, and the United Arab Emirates. But that’s just the start. Our vision for the future has Danfo contributing to a better public environment worldwide.

Construction of public toilets

Contact Jonas if you have questions regarding Danfo Group

Jonas Olsson

Chief Executive Officer