The Family Toilet – inclusive, welcoming and accessible public toilet for the whole family

The way adults experience a public toilet is very different from the way a child experiences it. In cooperation with the City of Helsingborg, we have developed the Family Toilet – a public toilet adapted for children and their needs.

How is the Family Toilet different from a traditional public toilet?

Extra basin, toilet and hand drier in child size

It should be easy and convenient to use the public toilet. Instead of adapting the child to the environment – with platforms to stand on so they can reach, for example – we adapt the environment to the child.

Extra basin, toilet and hand drier in public toilet

Tiles, panels and facade covered with fun images – choose your favourite theme

Children should feel it’s safe, secure and fun to go to the toilet. A public toilet with exciting themes rouses curiosity and creates a welcoming atmosphere through images children recognize.

A public toilet with exciting themes

Seat for children

While other family members answer a call of nature, change a brother or sister, or pack up the pram, there’s always a place for children.

Pram parking inside the cubicle

It should be easy for the whole family to go to the public toilet. The pram is a natural element of an outing with little children and may need to close at hand. And therefore there’s space for it in the cubicle.

Automated door and elbow button for easy door opening and closing

Children should feel secure that they can easily get in and out of the cubicle. And with smart solutions, we reduce the spread of bacteria, dirt and viruses.

The Family Toilet can be sited near playgrounds, in the middle of the city and in natural recreation areas.

Danfo Tetragon Familjerum Dockan_0672.jpg

The story behind the Family Toilet

We build public toilets with a focus on accessibility, safety and durability. In Helsingborg, there’s a desire to make the city more child-friendly. To succeed with this, we need to become better at listening to and taking action based on the needs and wishes of children. We therefore teamed up with the City of Helsingborg when the idea of a public toilet focusing on children’s user experience came up. Through interviews with children and families in Helsingborg, we identified the problems, thoughts, ideas and possible solutions that were the basis for the Family Toilet. The project is part of H22, an initiative working to connect, encourage and promote new ideas that can help Helsingborg become a smarter, more sustainable, more considerate city with good quality of life in every part of the city, today and tomorrow.