The public toilet - a design for urban life

Public toilets play an important role in people’s ability to congregate and spend time in public places – regardless of their gender, age or level of physical mobility. Using a public toilet should be easy and feel safe. Many people even make their plans for socialising based on where toilets can be found. With an appropriately fitted interior and exterior, a public toilet can be both a safe meeting place and a local landmark.

Public toilet Malmö Daniaparken at Turning Torso

Public toilet as local landmark

Together with our customers, the municipalities and other stakeholders, we work hard to improve the security and accessibility of public places – an important element for a lively, equitable environment. When you contract with us, you are not just paying for a toilet. It’s as much a matter of inclusion, hygiene and design. And if you add a truly attractive exterior, a public toilet can even become a local landmark.

Public Toilet in Helsingborg Fredriksdal

Custom design

The exterior of a public toilet can be adapted to suit its surroundings. To fit in … or to stand out. By engaging with our designers early in the planning stages, you can work together with us to create a solution that suits the needs of your target group, whether that means building an eye-catching piece of street furniture or meeting specific accessibility requirements. Nothing is impossible – our goal is for you to achieve your goal.

Danfo has designed and built several public toilets in Sweden

Up to date with environmental guidelines, regulations and laws on public toilets

We know there’s a lot to think about when you’re procuring or ordering a public toilet. We are available for consultation through the entire process, and are fully up to date with environmental guidelines, regulations and laws. Our toilets are Swedish-manufactured, cost-efficient and reliable to operate – complete toilet solutions that both enhance security and create more inclusive urban environments. Or wherever else the need arises.


Danfo manufactures public toilets with Sedum roofs

Public Toilet London Fields Hackney

Public Toilet Woodley