Public toilets for a sustainable future

We take responsibility for our production, our work, and our role in the public space. Our solutions take a maximum of care regarding nearby environments, climate objectives and the requirements exacted on us to create a sustainable future.

Public toilets in Reykjavik

Robust public toilets

Our public toilets are robust and built to last for nearly 40 years. With proactive and planned maintenance, we can extend the buildings durability. The circular economy is a fundamental element of Danfo’s DNA. It’s part of our approach as early as the planning phase and follows along through design, purchasing and production all the way to operations and maintenance.

We love going around in circles. Because that means we’re taking care of both our products and the planet’s resources.

Sustainability of public toiletsWe are trying to be a relevant source of positive change in society – because a sustainable toilet is a great toilet.


How can we promise sustainable public toilets?

To ensure that our products measure up to our promise we assess them through the external organisation byggvarubedomningen.  Each assessment is based on the products chemical content, environmental impact during the life cycle and, by extension, social impact at the supplier stage.

Every public toilet is designed, constructed and produced in Nora, Sweden, where we are certified according to:
ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001


Contact Jonas for more information regarding our sustainability work

Jonas Olsson

Chief Executive Officer